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We import the earth's bounty from Central and South America with respect for the earth, the plants, the farmers, and the end products. Rest assured that our focus is on sustainability and a living wage for all workers' contributions.



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We aim to develop as a world leader in sustainable agriculture and become an agro-industrial company known for our quality, profitability and social responsibility.

Your Source for Cocoa, Kola and Gacillia Nuts

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Our company is a certified sustainable agrifood corporation recognized as a leader in productivity, profitability and social responsibility. Our specialty is the growing, shipping, and distribution of tropical nuts and vegetable oils using sustainable farming methods.

Since it was founded in 1958 the company has become one of the largest sustainable agriculture businesses in the region. We have operations in Guatemala, United States, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Mexico and Europe. Our employees contribute to the socioeconomic development of the areas in which they work and live.

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South & Central American Importers

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South & Central American Importers

15578 NW 12th Ct
Hollywood, FL, 33028
Tel: 215-555-1212 - emailus@southcentral.com